Cartography is a new travel magazine specialized in itineraries across the globe. Each destination in Cartography comes with a photographic album, a short text, a map and an itinerary with recommended stops. We are passionate about all things contemporary, traditions, nature, exploration, people and places. Cartography is made for the modern traveller. It’s where your next journey starts. Founded in 2016 by Paola Corini and Luca De Santis, Cartography Magazine is published twice a year. Based in Milan Italy. Printed on Arctic Paper Munken Polar.

Editorial Staff

Editors-in-Chief & Creative Directors
Paola Corini and Luca De Santis

Aldo Spinelli

Art Director
Luca De Santis

Paola Corini

Contributing Writers
Philip Hoare, Peter Wadhams, Luca Iaccarino, Alessio Romano, Cesare Alemanni, Francesca Alfano Miglietti, Jerry Brotton, Davide Coppo, Marcello Fois, Davide Giannella, Peter Gorman, Victor Grauer, Alice Ida, Vincenzo Latronico, Stefano Liberti, Antonio Marras, Massimo Morello, Michio Nakamura, Jacopo Ottaviani, Tadzio Pederzolli, Daudi Peterson, Valentina Pigmei, Federico Pompignoli, Gianluigi Ricuperati, Patrizia Sardo Marras, Aldo Spinelli, Carlo Spinelli, Stefano Zenni

Special Projects
Archivio Magazine, Cameranesi Pompili, Aman Resorts, Anticàmera Location, Giorgio Armani, Giorgio Armani Beauty L'Orèal Deluxe, Prada Journal, Pretziada, Lisa Rovner, Giovanna Silva, Francesco Zanot

Contributing Photographers
Domingo Milella, Massimo Vitali, Paolo Zerbini, Andrew Sutton, Kent Andreasen, Amanda Camenisch, Alejandro Cartagena, Ricardo Cases, Bea De Giacomo, Giorgio Di Salvo, Stefano Galuzzi, Yann Gross, Maria Gruzdeva, Francesco Jodice, Martin Kollar, Shane Lavalette, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Vittorio Mortarotti, Piotr Niepsuj, Emilia von Senger, Alberto Sinigaglia, Claudia Zalla

Copy Editor
Luca Albani

Francesca Cosi, Alessandra Repossi,
Karen Whittle, Anna Bissanti

Claudia Cerasuolo, Francesca Izzi, Tanya Jones,
Rossana Passalacqua, Patricia Villirillo

Set Designers
Leandro Favaloro, Martina Lucatelli,
Fabio Negro Coussa

Distribution in Italy

International Distribution
Export Press


It's Nice That (UK, online) - April 11 2018

“Cartography is both a travel guide and a thought-provoking publication that provides perceptive cultural insights. Through its compelling images and atypical narratives, the magazine offers an alternative perspective to most publications of its genre.” – It’s Nice That

Stack Podcast - April 18 2018 (Vogue Talents) - March 13 2018

Stack Magazines (UK, online) - April 3 2018

Monocle 24Radio - November 25 2017

Prada Journal / Inner Landscape - October 4 2017

Stack (Video review) - September 5 2017

“Led by beautiful photography that runs the gamut from documentary to abstract still life, it looks beyond the landscapes it visits to probe the religion, mythology and history of places” – Steve Watson, Stack

In Depth / Monocle24 - September 9 2017

“The virtues of going deep rather than wide when it comes to subject matter” – Monocle24

i-D (, online) - October 21 2016

Press reviews also include features in the print editions of Icon Design, D - la Repubblica, Robinson, among others.