Tahiti Croyance (Belief)
Video interview to Hervé Maraetaata
Cartography Magazine Issue 03
Director Luca De Santis
Music : TABU by Christine Ott
(Le sourire de Matahi / Reri / Oriental Dance)

Cartography Magazine discovers the hidden Italian island of Pantelleria, Mr. Armani’s favorite holiday getaway, through its unique volcanic landscape and by dedicating a special 60-page story to his Armani/Casa decorated ‘Cala Gadir’ home.
Director Luca De Santis

Sardinia with Pretziada
Cartography Magazine Issue 03

Tahiti - The Polynesian javelin throw
Director Luca De Santis
Music TABU by Christine Ott

Everything that a Volcano can do to reach up to the sky without exploding. Full story on Cartography Magazine, special project with Giorgio Armani.

Text by Gianluigi Recuperati.

Video-review Cartography Magazine by Stack

Launching Cartography Issue 02

We Are Hadzabe, We Are Hunter-gatherers
Cartography Magazine Issue 01

Launching Cartography Magazine Issue 01