Cartography N°2


Northern Cyclade
Peruvian Amazon

In this second issue, Cartography travels to the Peruvian part of the Amazon jungle, where pink freshwater dolphins bring unplanned pregnancies, the ribereños watch you go past their villages – which they have called Buenos Aires, San Francisco and Brittany – and ‘icaro’ is the name given to the song sung or whistled by healers during ceremonies, the sound to grab onto so you don’t fall into the void. This is the Peruvian forest, where the River Amazon officially begins and everything depends on the great river.

We then visit the Northern Cyclades to get a different sense of Greece — one that’s rustic, rural and seafaring all at the same time. Here, we spend the fading summer days with the islanders, whose hands are tinged with the red of ripe strawberries and the green of the tomato fields. Our final stop is the Faroe Islands, an archipelago of miniature villages all fringed by the northern Atlantic Ocean, a green desert for a Nordic summer experience, reminiscent of a carefree and dishevelled adolescence.