Cartography N°3



Cartography N°3 explores three islands. Our journey starts in Tahiti, a Terra Australis Incognita whose rythms are set by tribal cosmogonies, where every mother plants a tree for her newborn and the world of the living connects with our ancestors through a ‘linguistic geography’ based upon a contrast — the one between sea and land.

Our second stop is Pantelleria, where we sink into the motionless and nostalgic beauty of a sleeping volcano. Here, we watch the Mediterranean Sea ‘pause’ from the windows of Cala Gadir, Giorgio Armani’s property in the island, with its unique blend of local architecture and contemporary design. The issue wraps to the sound of the Sardinian Blues, an on-the-road trip across Sardinia that goes beyond the island’s usual narratives and misconceptions, exploring how the people are changing their relationship with traditions, work habits, and food.