Cartography N°5


Portugal and Azores

Cartography N°5 celebrates the Azores, an archipelago stranded in the middle of th Atlantic Ocean, geographically torn between America, Europe and Africa. Here, where hardly anything is imported or exported, it’s the custom to celebrate what is available and therefore unique, all the certainties that endear life in the Azores to the most genuine and romantic visitors’ souls.

This issue then explores Greenland and the suspended world of the Inuit, where we are reminded that there is a pact between hunter and prey, and it’s that the prey will offer itself to that hunter who can respect its soul. Our final stop is in the heartwarming Abruzzo region of Italy, so well hidden from the parallel affection of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. Here the true wealth is the confusion of stories never tasted, colours never heard, and flavours never seen.