Cartography N°4


South Dakota

Forever new. The fourth issue of Cartography opens up with a mystic rendition of Japan, where every place, plant and piece of architecture talks about ancestors, spirits, ghosts, deaths and future lives. Was it all a dream? We sheltered from to the excitement of Tokyo in Marunouchi’s most beautiful resort, met a master-actor who brings divine masks along in his car, discovered the quietness of a moss gardneder’s life in Kamigamo.

Moving onward, we make it Rapid City, South Dakota, to see how celebrations differ in a land of Native Americans and modern-day cowboys, witnessing more than 1,300 American buffalo pounding through the valley and then going to the prairies where the tribal people of North America reconnect as the Great Sioux Nation. This issue’s last stop is Venice, where we tried to answer a question: what’s the ingredient that makes some cities generate memories more than others?