Polar bear, let’s forget what the navigable sea looks like and reach the icy desert, where you live and flourish, because that’s where we all want to go: the dogs want to go there, howling for the cold to come back and, with it, the moment to load up the sleighs and leave. The cold that seems intolerable to us reigns. Our planet has changed colour. Today, from space, the top of the world in the northern summer looks blue instead of white. We have created an ocean where there was once an ice sheet. It is Man’s first major achievement in reshaping the face of his planet. Enormous changes are going on as the Arctic ice has been disappearing. It’s a farewell to the ice that I knew when I was young, it’s a farewell to an entire landscape, what it used to be a continent of ice has gone. Within two decades the Arctic will mainly be open ocean. Fish will take the place of polar bears and seals. Ice is beautiful and complex. It regulates our planet’s temperature. And it is vanishing – fast. The loss of ice is having impacts on every other aspects of the Earth’s system, the atmosphere and the ocean. The climate changes are not only a real catastrophe for humankind, they’re also wearing down the Earth’s very spirit.

PANNA. Greenland and the Canadian Arctic
A project by Cartography Magazine, Issue 5
Director Luca De Santis. Music Roberto Paci Dalò. Voice Krishna Lester, Benzene Paris
This journey has been made possible by Silversea Expeditions. Special Thanks to Prof. Peter Wadhams and Sisimiut Museum.