We Are All Brothers And Sisters

A film by Cartography
with Lale Biwa, junior elder of the Kara tribe
Directed by Luca De Santis
Music by Roberto Paci Dalò

The documentary film was shot in the Lower Valley of the Omo in south-western Ethiopia on a 9-day journey with the Mursi, Kara, Hamar and Nyangatom tribespeople living on the Omo River.

A delicate ecosystem, and one with little government support, the Omo is being threatened by degrading tourism, and by the damming of the Omo River, which upsets the natural flood patterns that local tribes depend on for farming. Thanks to money generated by sustainable tourism to the region, Wild Philanthropy is partnering with the Kara community to develop locally-owned farms with solar-powered irrigation systems and preserve pockets of wilderness.

Cartography travelled in Ethiopia, East Africa, with Journeys by Design, Wild Expeditions, Wild Philanthropy.